Digital Signage Blu-ray BD-R - SurfShooterHawaii
HD Digital Signage Blu-ray BD-R  (2015-2016)  

Island Lifestyle - Surfing, Standup Paddle, Body Boarding, Canoe Surfing, SUPSquatch, Sunsets, Green Flash

Ala Moana Bowls, White Plains Beach, Makaha, Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Backdoor, OTW, Hickam Harbor, Kahe, Barbers Pt Harbor and much more.....

Length: 39min 37secs

Blu-ray BD-R  $79.00 plus Shipping & Handling

** The photo slideshow transition is approx 3.9secs.  Trailer was sped up.

- Blu-ray BD-R Disc is burned with Auto-Play and Loop features.  
- BD-R disc will normally play in most major
   brands of Blu-ray players.    

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KahiwaKiwi Media Productions

Waikele, HI

Blu-ray BD-R (39mins 37secs)